Physiotherapy Exam

Exam Changes to be Implemented - August 2024

NBCE announces changes to the Parts I, II, III, and Physiotherapy exam to begin in August 2024. Click here for new exam schedule information.

What Is The Physiotherapy Exam?

Physiotherapy is a computer-based exam, delivered on chiropractic college campuses.

Physiotherapy is elective that consists of 90 standard multiple-choice questions. The Physiotherapy Examination is allotted 75 minutes of testing time. Testing appointments are 90 minutes.

Who Can Take Physiotherapy?

  • You must have successfully completed 120 hours of instruction in physiotherapy, before the NBCE application deadline.
  • Your instruction must be from and/or recognized by one of the chiropractic colleges whose students are currently eligible to take the NBCE examinations.
  • You may take Physiotherapy individually or in conjunction with other NBCE examinations.

NOTE: If you schedule both the Part III and PHT exams the same day at a Prometric Test Center, be mindful of scheduling overlapping appointments. You are responsible for allowing enough time to complete the first exam, then register for the next exam. If you fail to register on time for the second exam, NBCE and Prometric are not responsible for rescheduling or refunding your fee due to overlapping appointments.

Topics, Sample Tests and Reference Texts

The NBCE develops every exam based on a test plan. The detailed Physiotherapy Test Plan includes topics and weightings (the percentage of the test devoted to each topic).

The NBCE offers a Sample Test for Physiotherapy. The sample test contains 50 questions and costs $15. You will receive an overall score for the test, but will not see which questions were answered correctly/incorrectly.

The NBCE uses reference texts from the chiropractic colleges. See the Physiotherapy Reference Text List.


Test Sites And Test Site Rules

The NBCE offers the Physiotherpay Exam at chiropractic colleges and Prometric testing centers across the country. Each test site utilizes computer-based testing. You can select a test site when you apply. See the list of accredited Test Sites.

The NBCE is committed to exam security. The only item you are allowed to bring into the secure testing area is one form of ID. The NBCE will provide a place to store your car key (one key allowed). Please review the complete list of Test Site Rules before you arrive to take your test.

Exam Administration Dates

Dates & Deadlines Through July 2024 (PDF)

Dates & Deadlines Effective August 2024 (PDF)

Administration Dates Application Deadline
JULY 20 OR JULY 21, 2024
June 20, 2024 – 5PM (MT)
AUG 10-25, 2024 16 days prior to the scheduled test date
SEP 14-29, 2024 16 days prior to the scheduled test date
OCT 12-27, 2024 16 days prior to the scheduled test date


What Is A Passing Score?

The NBCE recommends a passing score of 375 for the Physiotherapy Exam; however, Individual states may require a higher passing score. For current information on state regulations pertaining to Physiotherapy scores, you must contact the licensing board of the state(s) in which you plan to practice.



Physiotherapy $450


Withdraw / Reschedule

Prior to the published application deadlines, examinees may withdraw from or reschedule their Parts I, II, III, Physiotherapy computer-based exams using the Prometric scheduling tool. After published deadlines, you may not make any changes to your appointment and the NBCE will issue no refunds. I understand that I will not be refunded any of my exam fees if I change or cancel my testing appointment within 29 days of the first day of my scheduled testing weekend, or fail to appear for my exam.


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