Missouri (LPC) Professional Counselors

Jurisprudence Exam

What is the Missouri Professional Counselors Jurisprudence Exam?

The Missouri Professional Counselors Jurisprudence Exam tests an individual’s understanding of Missouri’s specific laws and rules, ethical standards and regulations. The exam is developed jointly with the Missouri Committee for Professional Counselors and the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE).

The Missouri Professional Counselors Jurisprudence Exam is a computer-based, 40-item, multiple-choice, OPEN-BOOK EXAM sent via a secure email link within 24-72 hours after an application is submitted through the
MyNBCE Online Account Portal.

To Get Started…

If you are a new NBCE examinee, please go to https://account.mynbce.org/account/login and choose the orange “Register as an Examinee” button to create your MyNBCE account. This is the account you will use for submitting your NBCE exam application(s) and viewing scores. Please be sure to enter complete and accurate information and keep it up to date with any changes along your journey. It is very important that you do not create more than one account. If you are having trouble logging in to your account please contact us for assistance at support@nbce.org

 Please be sure to select the correct Missouri exam listed under the Exams tab within your newly created account. 

Missouri Professional Counselors Jurisprudence Exam Tests Three Subjects:


  • Licensure Requirements 
  • Supervised Counseling 
  • Professional Conduct 

How Do I Apply for the Exam?

An examinee may apply for the exam by creating an account through the MyNBCE Online Account Portal.


When Will I Get My Score?

Two weeks after the exam, the NBCE will post the score to the examinee’s MyNBCE account and provide the score to the State Board.


What Is The Passing Score?

This is an OPEN-BOOK EXAM (See Reference Material Below) – The Missouri Professional Counselors Jurisprudence Exam requires a passing score of 75%. If an examinee scores below 75%, they will be required to retake the examination. If an examinee receives a failing score, they can apply to retake the exam at their earliest convenience. The retake exam fee is $75.



Exam Fee:



Reference Materials

Access exam reference study materials for Regulations, and for Statutes.

  • Statutes: Chapter 337 Occupations and Professional General Provision
  • Regulations: Division 2095 – Committee for Professional Counselors
    • Chapter 1 – General Rules
    • Chapter 2 – Licensure Requirements
    • Chapter 3 – Professional Responsibility

Test Subjects & Weightings

A test plan is the blueprint from which an exam is constructed. In the test plan below, the emphasis devoted to each subject category appears as a percentage beside the categories.

Licensure Requirements – 20%

  • License requirements/renewal/status/fees
  • Continuing Education
  • Exempt professions and occupations

Supervised Counseling – 30%

  • Supervised Counseling Experience
  • Supervisors and Supervisory Responsibilities

Professional Conduct – 50%

  • Scope of Practice
  • Client Welfare
  • Complaints and Disciplinary Actions


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