Certificate in Motor Vehicle Injuries

What is the Certificate in Motor Vehicle Injuries Exam?

Certification in motor vehicle injuries is a voluntary certification, by examination, focusing on individual competence in this specialized practice area.

This exam is a computer-based, 150-question, multiple-choice, open-book exam.

The Certificate in Motor Vehicle Injuries Exam

Tests Four Subjects:


  • Examination & Diagnosis 
  • Documentation 
  • Management 
  • Insurance 

How Do I Apply for the Exam?

You must apply for the exam through the MyNBCE Online Account Portal. Contact support@nbce.org to update your account. 

The NBCE will send the request for approval to the American Academy of Motor Vehicle Injuries (AAMVI) to ensure prerequisite training has been completed. Once approved, you may pay and schedule through the MyNBCE Online Account Portal. 


When Will I Get My Score?

Within two weeks following the exam, the NBCE will post the examinee’s score to their MyNBCE account.


What is a Passing Score?

The Certificate in Motor Vehicle Injuries requires a passing score of 80%. If an examinee scores below 80%, they will be required to retake the examination. If an examinee receives a failing score, they can apply to retake the exam at their earliest convenience. The retake exam fee is $150.


Where Can I Take the Exam?

The exam is administered electronically on the NBCE’s website.

Test Subjects & Weightings

A test plan is the blueprint from which an exam is constructed. In the test plan below, the emphasis devoted to each subject category appears as a percentage beside the categories.

Examination & Diagnosis – 50%

  • Spinal Examination 
  • Extremity Examination 
  • Concussion/TBI and Cranial Nerve Examination 
  • Radiology: MRI, CT, Plain Film, US 
  • Mechanism of Injury 

Documentation – 25%

  • Outcome Assessment Tools – OATS 
  • Whole Person Impairment Rating – WPI 
  • Documentation 

Management – 15%

  • Case Management 
  • Injury Classification 
  • Medical/Legal 

Insurance – 10%

  • Claims Practices 
  • CPT and ICD-10 

Exam Fee:




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