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The Florida Chiropractic Laws and Rules Examination is one of the requirements for candidates seeking licenses in the state of Florida. Although the NBCE administers this exam, it does not certify or license chiropractors. Please contact the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine to verify current Florida licensure requirements.

What Is The Florida Chiropractic Laws and Rules Exam (FCLR)?

The FCLR Examination is required by the state of Florida and is offered at Prometric Testing Centers throughout North America. It consists of 40 standard multiple-choice questions. Test items are selected by a test committee composed of chiropractors licensed in Florida. Test appointments are scheduled for one hour to allow time for a brief tutorial, 30 minutes of test administration time, and a post-exam survey.

The Florida Chiropractic Laws and Rules Exam (FCLR) is required by the state of Florida for candidates seeking licensure in that state.

  • To be able to take the FCLR Examination, you must have successfully completed Part I of the NBCE national exams.
  • If you receive a failing score, you can apply to retake the examination at your earliest convenience.
  • The NBCE does not limit the number of times you may retake the FCLR examination.
  • Once you are notified of your acceptance to register for the exam, you are eligible to test for a six-month period.

The Florida Chiropractic Laws and Rules Exam Tests Four Subjects:

  • License Requirements – 25%
    • License renewal/status
    • Malpractice insurance
    • Continuing education
  • Office Management – 25%
    • Chiropractic assistants
    • Patient records
    • Advertising
    • Billing/fees
  • Patient Care – 25%
    • Scope of practice
    • Physiotherapy
    • Referrals
  • Professional Conduct – 25%
    • Complaints/disciplinary actions
    • Financial responsibilities
    • Sexual misconduct

Can I See Sample Questions?

Sample questions are provided below. These questions are included only to provide you with examples of the type and structure of the examination questions. The answer for each question is in bold type.


Failing to pay a license renewal fee will result in a delinquent license status _____ after the end of the licensing renewal period.

A.    immediately 
B.     two weeks
C.     one month
D.     three months


Investigation of which of the following is most likely to result in the release of a patient’s medical records without their written authorization?

A.     unpaid medical expenses
B.     child abuse
C.      tax fraud
D.     alimony default


What Reference Material Will Help Me Prepare For FCLR?

Material covered on this examination can be referenced in the following chapters of the Florida Statutes and Administrative codes:


Florida Statutes

Chapter 460: Chiropractic Medicine
Chapter 456: Health Professions and Occupations: General Provisions
Chapter 120: Administrative Procedure Act
Chapter 119: Public Records
Chapter 408: Health Care Administration
Chapter 112: Public Officers and Employees: General Provisions

Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.)

Rules: Chapter 64B2: Board of Chiropractic Medicine

Where Can I Take The FCLR Exam?

The NBCE offers FCLR at Prometric Testing Centers throughout North America.

After completing your application, you will then proceed to the scheduling section of the application.

How To Register At The Test Site

  • ARRIVE EARLY. If you arrive late to an exam, you will not be admitted. Your exam fee(s) will be forfeited and you will need to reapply for another administration date.


  • At registration, you must show one form of identification, which must be a valid government-issued photo ID.  NOTE: A Digital ID will not be accepted. If your ID is expired, you will not be able to test – funds will be forfeited. After ID has been renewed, you will need to reschedule and pay for another administration.

When Will I Get My FCLR Score? What Is The Passing Score?

Within two weeks following the exam, the NBCE will post your score to your MyNBCE account. You will not receive scores at the testing center.

The Florida Board of Chiropractic Examiners requires a passing score of 75%. If you score below 75%, you will be required to retake the examination. You can apply to retake the exam at your earliest convenience.



The fee for the Florida Chiropractic Laws and Rules Exam (FCLR) is $95.

If you receive a failing score on FCLR, the retake fee is $95.


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