Individual Domain Retakes (IDR)

What Are Individual Domain Retakes?

Examinees who pass four or more domains on the Part I and Part II exams are eligible to retake only failing domains.



Scheduling Your IDR

Examinees will be taking One (1-hour time slot) or Two (2-hour time slot) domain retakes.


Individual Domain Retakes will be held on Saturday afternoon ONLY from 1:00PM – 5:00PM. There are NO Full Parts during this time frame.


Examinees are instructed to arrive at the test site 45 minutes prior to their appointment time.


Registration/Security process will take place all afternoon beginning at 12:15 PM, with the last group coming in at approximately 3:45 PM.


What If I Have to Retake Two Domains?


If you are retaking two domains, you will need to register for both domains at one time. Both domains are listed in the exam domain column.


No Scheduled breaks will be allowed between two domains.


Examinees may take an Unscheduled break with the knowledge that their exam time will continue to run. Examinees must sign out and back in on the Sign In & Out Roster and will be escorted during this time.




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