Physiotherapy Eligibility

General Requirements

To be eligible to take the Physiotherapy Examination, you must have successfully completed 120 hours of instruction in physiotherapy, before the application deadline. This instruction must be taken at and/or recognized by one of the chiropractic colleges whose students are currently eligible to take the NBCE exams.

Physiotherapy may be taken individually or in conjunction with the NBCE Parts I, II and III exams.

Establishing Elibility

Establishing initial eligibility for Physiotherapy requires online approval by the registrar of the chiropractic college you attended. Some college curricula include 120 hours of physiotherapy instruction. If you complete the instruction at another institution, please provide your college registrar with documentation showing completion of the required physiotherapy instruction.

State Board Requirements

The NBCE recommends a passing score of 375 for the Physiotherapy Exam; however, Individual states may require a higher passing score. For current information on state regulations pertaining to Physiotherapy scores, you must contact the licensing board of the state(s) in which you plan to practice.

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