Exam Updates/FAQs

Exam Changes to be Implemented - August 2024

NBCE announces changes to the Parts I, II, III, and Physiotherapy exam to begin in August 2024. Click here for more information.

Application Deadlines

To meet the deadline you must have applied, received approvals, paid and scheduled your exam prior to 5pm MT on deadline day.

Part IV Exam – Applications are only visible in your account during the open application window(s) and only if you have completely passed Part I. To meet the deadline you must have applied, received approvals (Registrar and Badge ID photo), paid and confirmed site preferences prior to 5pm MT on deadline day. You will receive Site assignment confirmation and Badge ID photo approval email notifications.

July 2024 Part III applications and July 2024 PHT applications are now open. Applications for August through October 2024 exams are not available at this time. Please complete our contact form here to receive notification when applications become available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Part I Exam

August 2024 Application Deadline: TBA

Part II Exam

June 2024 Application Deadline: CLOSED

Part III/PHT Exam

July 2024 Application Deadline: 6/20/24

Part IV Exam

May 2024 Application:             C L O S E D

Part I -Site Availability

(if a site is full, check for PTC location)


Part II Site Availability

(if a site is full, check for PTC location)


Part III/PHT Site Availability

(if a site is full, check for PTC location)

Palmer (IA) – SA – FULL
Palmer (WEST)
Palmer (FL)
– SA – Limited

Part IV Site Availability

Site assignments are prioritized based on your completed application submission and the date payment is made for the exam.

November 2024 applications open 6/18 – 8/15



August 2024



June 2024

Monday, July 10th


July 2024

Monday, August 19th


May 2024

Monday, June 17th

⇑ Scores are released in a rolling process that may take 48+ hours to fully complete. You may start to see scores prior to the official release date. Please, wait to order transcripts until on or after the official score release date to ensure all passing scores are included on your transcript. Retake applications are not available until the official score release date.


Log in to your MyNBCE account and go to the Exams page. Scroll down to State Board Transcripts. Follow the prompts to order your transcripts (it is a multi-step process). Click on SUBMIT to send your request. First copy is free, additional copies are $25 each. Watch a complete tutorial. How to order Certificate of Attainment.

Personal Updates

Last exam prior to licensure?

Please keep your account current with your correct contact information so you receive transcripts and certificates.

Test Site Rules

NBCE does not, and cannot guarantee that any participant will not be exposed to or become infected with illness. Some testing activities require close contact with others that may increase this risk.

Test Site Rules

Prometric Test Site Policy

Travel Advisory Notice

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